• We are starting  in Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA) a new Project : Houspoon.

    To show you a little bit what is it about you can check our presentation

    Basically we are creating a web and mobile platform where we connect  people who cook delicious at a unique place they own with people that love homemade food but don’t have the time or skills to prepare it and also want a different experience for a lower cost than a restaurant.

    Our mission is to turn millions of kitchens into places to cook experiences.


    We are looking for a hard-working passionate CTO that wants to be a co-founder , easy going, creative, intelligent and willing to work many years to make out of Houspooon a wonderful company, a unicorn. The idea is to work for many years in Silicon Valley to make our dream come true.  


    Jaime Reyes

    (+1) 669.245.8809

    2N 1st Street San Jose, CA

    Silicon Valley – 95113

    • Nice idea. Good luck!

    • Awesome concept, good luck!

  • I am Power sector engineer with 30 years experience. At present involved in 66 KV Sub Station and 66 KV Line projects. Now launching a Start-up company Shreeji Smart INC for Smart Home, Smart City and Smart Grid work. Deserve to have Co founders having expertise in developing Hardware and Software development for Distribution Automation and Transmission SCADA. Management leaders with relvent requi

  • Looking for a technical co-founder. I'm build a photographer booking website where people can browse, discover and booking photographers around the world. Photographers can create a profile, list their package, and seamlessly receive payment through the platform.

  • I am the CTO/founder of Insight Health.  We are building a suite of analytics-based applications for healthcare providers.  Over the last several months we have built two MVP's that represent our first two products.

    I am looking for a co-founder with a passion for analytics who shares my vision of applying analytics to the challenges of delivering healthcare.

    If this resonates with you, or you want to recommend someone, please email


  • Hi i am founder of social for profit start up and looking for like minded techie co founder specially from US or Europe to make this start up globally, i have great mentor in team.


  • MedQuest will provide medical information searches for those seeking the best medical/health solutions from around the world by utilizing library scientists who search the dark/invisible web and beyond. Need a CEO, Media Director and other team members that can help the startup succeed and get funded. This is a very well researched new business model poised to disrupt medicine is a most wonderful (and lucrative) way.

  • We're looking to recruit a business cofounder to round out our team. We are building a wearable interface to enable a user to interact with AR glasses or VR goggles via natural gestures. We've built working prototypes, and we're looking for someone who can help with pitching, raising funds, strategizing, and bringing our device to market. If that sounds like your cup of tea, let's chat over it.

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