• is a global distribution platform for vacation rentals and hotels. Looking for industry expert advisor

  • DownToDash is an app for meeting students around you who are down to do what you want to do whether its workouts, sports, movies or travelling. It is a completely secure network and you need to sign up with your college email address. Students can post plans and events, which other students can join. The app encourages students to participate in activities, connects students with similar interests and can used as an ice breaker tool.

    Currently, we are looking for a mentor, incubator or angel investor. Please contact me on

  • Therapeutides, Inc. is a R&D company focusing on a novel protein therapeutic candidate for type II Diabetes Mellitus, and our PCT patent has just been published at

    Currently, we are looking for mentors who are experts in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry. 

    My email is


  • LunaA is an environment-friendly luxury handbags design and manufacturing company. We will debut our products in early 2017. We are currently working on setting up core teams and developing sample products to test the market. The ultimate goal for us to be a specialty retail organization.

    We are seeking mentors and advisers to guide us through the initial but crucial stages so that we form a solid foundation.

    Please contact us at 

    Thank you!  

  • Parzee provides a cloud service for VARs to install applications on Customer premise compute servers or Private cloud with a simple click and deploy method.

    We support Full-stack application servers and containers too.

    Thus VARs can now reduce bring-up time and increase deployments boosting sales.

    Instantly deploy with Parzee and let us be your sales multiplier !!.

    Interested to meet with Mentors for advice and guidance.

  • @hohoochat we are connecting people nearby and based on interests. We connect them anonymously.

    We are looking for mentors and advisor.

    Please feel free to connect us at

  • Our company is called "Smart Plush" - A hardware platform that provides a whole new category of interactive gameplay.

    We recently exhibited at the NY Toy Fair and garnered a ton of interest from the big players in terms of licensing our technology.  However, we've been working with a factory for a few months and would like to move forward ourselves.  

    We're seeking a mentor to guide us through the funding/financing process so we can execute our first run of products in May. 

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