In this post Dea WilsonLifograph founder, is doing a quick-fire interview with Tim Draper, VC at Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ).

DFJ’s investments include Skype, FeedBurner (acquired by Google), Yammer (acquired by Microsoft), GlamMedia, Tesla, Solar City, Box, Tango, Sugar CRM, Baidu, Hotmail (acquired by Microsoft).

Tim was #52 on the list of the 100 most influential Harvard Alumni, and #7 on the Forbes Midas List, and was named Always-On #1 top venture capital deal maker.

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What is something people will find surprising about you?

I foul too much and score too little, but I love playing basketball.

What is the craziest idea someone pitched to you?

A flying saucer. The guy took a photo of himself in a styrofoam mock up, and erased his legs in the photo so it looked like he was flying. But maybe it makes sense now though. We do need to challenge the airplane.

What skill you wish you had?

Teleportation. I really would like to do so much more!

What is the best lesson you’ve learned as a VC?

Life is long and entrepreneurs are heroes.

What event or life experience has had the greatest influence in shaping your life?

Birth! Ever since then it has been a fun and fascinating and passionate ride.

Who is the most exciting person you’ve ever met? In what circumstances?

So many...Barbara Bush is amazingly driven. Elon Musk is so focused. Aaron from Box gives off a real high energy. Robin Li has such a strong presence. Ted Leonsis has such charisma. Lady Gaga is such a character. George Schultz is so wise. President Yuschenko of Ukraine is a thoughtful leader. My team is full of great performers. My father is go go go. My kids constantly amaze me. And my wife gets my engine running.

What are 3 tech trends to watch in 2013?

Security in the cloud. Vergence goggles for display. Instant service like Über or Task Rabbit.

What advice did you learned from your father that served you well in life?

Make sure deals work for everyone involved.

What non-profits do you support and why?

I support entrepreneurs and education primarily. The have the biggest impact on the positive outcomes for society.

If any of your children decided to become a VC, what is the first piece of advice you’d give them?

Make sure deals work for everyone.

What would you consider to be your most significant accomplishment?

Being the creator of viral marketing. It has had such an enormous impact on the world. I am also proud of DFJ and my work for education and school choice.

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