In this post Dea WilsonLifograph founder, is doing a quick-fire interview with Manu Kumar, VC at K9 Ventures, a seed-stage VC fund.

The fund is focused on tech startups located in the San Francisco Bay Area that have technical founders, a core technology product, a clear path to revenue and can be capital efficient.

Manu serves as an investor and/or advisor for several technology startups including CrowdFlower, Twillio and others. 

K9 Ventures

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What do you like to do for fun?

I don't believe in separating work and fun. I love what I do. It is fun for me. If it wasn't I wouldn't be doing it. So my primary fun activity is working with startups, coming up with new ideas, new products, figuring out how to build businesses.

List 3 things people don’t know about you

As a kid I built small electronic projects (burglar alarms, musical door bells, transistor radios) and then tried to sell them (successfully in some cases!) to my extended family and to family friends.

I started my first company at the age of 20, while I was on a student visa, and with a total of $5,000 to my name, that I earned from a summer internship. I spent $2,500 on a computer and had $2,500 left as "working capital".

I don't drink wine, or beer, or coffee.

If you were not a VC, what would you have been?

An entrepreneur. Although I am still an entrepreneur since starting your own fund is still like working on a startup, except it's a meta-level startup.

If your children decided to become VCs, what is the first piece of advice you’d give them?

I would hope they become entrepreneurs first. But regardless of what they do, the advice remains the same: ultimately it all comes down to one thing: "people".

What skill you wish you had?

I really wish I had the ability to do great visual design. I love good design and can tell it when I see it, but I am not good at drawing, sketching, or at doing visual aesthetics.


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