Manny Fernandez is the CEO/Co-Founder of DreamFunded and Founder of SF Angels Group.

Manny was SF Angel of the Year and he has also been named “Top 100 Angel Investors to Follow”.

Manny went from being a serial entrepreneur to becoming a successful investor who has raised millions of dollars.

At our Lifograph event he shared with us the following 10 tips for raising money on AngelList.

1. Start with people who know you

This can include family and friends whom you know. Tell them about what you are doing, and ask them to support you.


2. Increase your followers on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter

Make sure you have professional profiles and actively seek new followers.


3. Increase your followers on AngelList

A great way for increasing your followers is to follow other people, who may follow you back.


4. Follow other investors on AngelList

When you follow other investors you have a better chance to get your startup noticed.

5. Create great fundraising materials

Money follows leadership, and the best leaders know how to tell great stories. So become a good storyteller and connect with investors at an emotional level. Don’t forget to include information about your startup’s traction.

6. Have a great video

This can be a simple video that speaks to what people care about. Talk to people’s emotions.

7. Ask for small dollar amounts

Smaller amounts will not be intimidating and the numbers will add up.


8. Figure out who can introduce you to investors

Invest time in finding the right people to make warm introductions to the investors you are targeting. Lifograph could become a great tool for finding who might be the right person for an intro.

9. Find a lead investor

People follow the leader, and if you can get a big name investor to invest in you, other investors may be interested in your startup too.


10. Believe in your ability to raise money

Sometimes founders doubt themselves and their startup's ability to raise money. Believe in yourself. Confidence pays off. Be a leader and the investors (and their money) will follow you.

Money follows leadership, and the best leaders know how to tell great stories.

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